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Being on the Internet, we have a global audience. However, a breakup of the demography of our viewers is mentioned below.
  1. Bangalore viewers - 60%
  2. Rest of India - 15%
  3. Gulf viewers - 15%
  4. US viewers - 10%
We have a huge database of email IDs (50,000 and growing) of individuals in Bangalore alone, to which we send across newsletters periodically. In addition to the newsletters, we have started advertising ourselves in various daily newspapers, both in Bangalore as well as in the Gulf.

The available advertisement options on The Bangalore are mentioned below.

Sl. No Particulars Duration
1. Top banner [Across site]
Size: 468 x 64
Option of 5 pages intro site linked to AD
2. Featured builders [Home page]
Frame 1
Frame 2 [when user clicks 'Next' link]
Frame 3 [subsequent inside page]
Option of 1 page intro linked to AD
3. Advertisement stickers [Across site]
Size: 200 x 80
Option of 1 page intro linked to AD
4. Run-on Ad [Across site]
Appears on top of every page - Scrolling text
5. Dedicated section/ Microsite
5 ~ 10 pages + 5 email Ids
FREE Advertisement sticker, size: 200 x 80
6. Pop-ups [Home page]
When The Bangalore Property home page opens up, a pop-up would appear.
Option of 1 page intro linked to AD
7. Home page re-direct
Full-page advertisement. Every time a user types in the URL - client AD (could be interactive) will stay on for 1~3 minute(s) and then re-direct to The Bangalore home page

If you would be interested in advertising on The Bangalore or knowing more about the pricing, Contact us and we would get in touch with you at the earliest.

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